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Wheeler Family Law serves clients in Seattle and the surrounding areas in King, Snohomish, and Whatcom Counties. Read our client testimonials to discover how Wheeler Family Law has successfully helped clients with their family law cases.

I’ll use Josh again in a heartbeat…

Josh came to my rescue a few years after my divorce when my ex spouse’s poor behavior continued as we co-parented our children. Josh helped me pull in outside help, while keeping legal costs and GAL fees to a minimum. His knowledge of the legal system allows all of us to get through this process using therapists and a mediator, and therefore avoiding litigation. I am so grateful to Josh for the work he did – somehow he was able to help find an agreeable solution to an extremely contentious, ongoing dispute.”

Anonymous, September 1, 2020

An Advocate for You

I was greatly relieved when Josh started handling my divorce case. My experience was messy with an ex-spouse with a great deal of money at her disposal, so I really needed someone to be my advocate and not be dispassionate where my situation was concerned. I had two attorneys before finding Josh. One thing that I valued was being able to have intelligent layperson conversations about the chances of motions succeeding or failing and the implications for later in the case without unnecessary legal lingo. The uncertainty of the whole process was greatly eased by Josh’s attention to detail, personable nature, and humor. Unfortunately my divorce experience lasted a number of years. In my particular situation I had two children, one with special needs, so things were particularly complicated. My ex-spouse was not cooperative, not willing to compromise on any position, and very litigious, causing me a great deal of stress over the years. Every month it was something new and unexpected. Since there was so much going on for so long, I really appreciated Josh’s recognition that I was on a limited budget, and his striving to keep expenses reasonable, e.g. no unnecessary contact or added hours except to deal with the issues. This was huge for me. In summary I highly recommend Josh as your family law attorney. Although I hope I never have to engage his services again, I can say that all my interactions with him were professional and actually enjoyable given the circumstances.”

CJ, August 22, 2020

Maximum results, Minimum Fuss

I wholeheartedly give Josh my highest possible recommendation. I chose him for his reputation of being able to deal with complicated divorces like mine — he did not disappoint. Josh understood the particulars of my divorce. He remembered everything, spotted details, and was an effective advocate. Even when advocating from a significant disadvantage (because I didn’t hire Josh until the third year of my divorce) his results at court were devastatingly effective. Josh was unfailingly polite. He didn’t trade insults or get ruffled. He was professional, gave clear guidance, and seemed highly respected at court. Beyond my expectations, Josh re-established rapport with the opposing party and negotiated a win-win solution both sides agreed to. By allowing us to settle out of court Josh saved my entire family time, money, and hurt feelings. Josh is an ideal attorney for anyone who wants to divide a complicated estate with a minimum of fuss.”

Kenji, July 27, 2020

Professional, Fair and Equitable

Josh was fantastic. He led me through this difficult time with grace and confidence. He is about being fair and equitable, always professional. He listened well, and was very responsive to my many questions, both via phone and email. Despite a few curve balls from the opposing team, he kept the entire process on track. Josh is a gem!”

Karen, July 10, 2019

Confident and Sharp

I had the privilege of working with Josh a while back and he was calm, confident and kind. He held his composure when things got a little rough and it helped me relax knowing his expertise was headed in the right direction. It’s been a few years since my divorce but I remembered Josh telling me everything was going to be fine. He was right and I graciously thank him for his words of wisdom. Not just a lawyer but a man of integrity! Thanks Josh!”

Anonymous, November 1, 2020

Excellent Legal Representation

Joshua helped me through a very contentious and complicated series of disputes. He is respectful, diligent, clear-headed, and resourceful. He responded with great insight and gave me solid advice when I really needed it. As I observed his interactions in the courtroom, it is clear that he is held in high esteem. And the opposition hated that they couldn’t get to him. I highly recommend Joshua Wheeler.”

Anonymous, July 9, 2019

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